<h1>In A Room</h1> Waking up in the mid morn stillness cold spewed at me- by the white machine of humming freeze. Sitting laid back to wall, the wall feels at home to the touch of my bare skin, I give it- warmth. Standing up I move ever closer to the sickening reality, creeping in. I feel strangled, held back by my dreams of what I am, of what I think I am. Then the drums roll, I move into the dancing silence- of the the night budding inside. I move to the beats, make my own beats, hop and scream within. I see the sky clearer when its shrouded. Blanket of darkness, and the little children of god raise their beauty and shine. Fill my sky with a starry heaven, showering with life unseen to the naked eye. Old radio creeks on the table top, I push the static hum aside, in silence penetrates the hymn of beauty and what this heart may devise. I remember old Heralictus and feel his tears, let myself become a drop. I dip my legs into the stream and wait forever for familiar waters to caress me, I'm lost. Never shall the same water be tainted by us men in the river of dreams. I ask for her who came in my dreams. Splash of a tear drop on the broken flower below, for never shall I touch the same water in the flow of the gentle stream, again. O dear friend, I shall cup my hand and gather your sacred tears, I shall carry it to the mountain tops, and scatter it across the heaven. Even the gods shall moan of painful agony, at the sight of a man eternal broken.